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I am a pediatric occupational therapist working full time in a school district and part time in an outpatient clinic.  My background in journalism and love for technology drives my creative activity planning. 

When the pandemic closed my school district and clinic, I discovered Boom Decks TM.  Boom Decks TM are amazing tools for teletherapy or in-person sessions.  Decks can be used digitally, be printed for paper-pencil activities or be used with manipulatives for a kinesthetic therapy session.

My Boom Decks are thematic and fun!  They include the following types of activities: 

  • Complete Occupational Therapy Plans that are thematic and include gross motor, fine motor and visual perceptual activities

  • Minute to Win it with gross motor, fine motor, typing and visual perceptual activities

  • Would you Rather Questions with typing or handwriting practice

  • I Spy to increase visual perceptual skills

  • Handwriting, upper and lowercase letters with animated clipart to teach the correct pathway of movement when forming letters

  • Escape Rooms with visual perceptual activities to solve 

  • and MORE!

Your sessions are planned!  Let me do the work for you.

Occupational Therapist

What is an

An occupational therapist is a creative being who helps children live life to the fullest.  

Through the therapeutic use of daily activities or occupations, an occupational therapist will use a holistic approach to help children of all ages and abilities develop confidence, independence, self-esteem and social skills to increase participation at school and in play.  Therapy may address delays in fine motor, visual motor, cognitive skills, sensory integration, social skills, play skills and self care abilities.  

Sessions can include learning how to tie shoes, write legibly or play with peers.  An occupational therapist will help children develop skills to fully engage in the environments in which they live and learn to live life to the fullest within the context of their abilities.

An occupational therapist will use a variety of tools to help children achieve their goals including digital, tangible and printable media.

Questions?  Contact me.

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