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Why Handwriting Matters

In a world where keyboards rule, mastering neat printing is important. Handwriting camp provides kids with the confidence and skills to print neatly.

Learning to print legibly is important for many reasons. Writing by hand is like a brain workout; the pencil to paper connection helps kids remember things much more effectively than just typing. Handwriting involves  complex motor and cognitive skills, including fine motor coordination, spatial awareness, visual-motor integration, and memory recall. The intricate dance between the brain and muscles requires precise coordination to form letters, words, and sentences. Additionally, handwriting engages cognitive functions such as attention, sequencing, and spatial organization, making it a multifaceted activity that stimulates various areas of the brain simultaneously.

Handwriting also is important for physical development. When children handwrite letters, they use muscles in their fingers, hands and arms. Handwriting strengthens these muscles and develops endurance for classroom assignments. Good handwriting also contributes to reading fluency because it activates the visual perception of letters.


Good handwriting can have a positive impact on grades. Children who experience difficulty mastering handwriting may avoid writing and produce poor written work. Children with poor handwriting will find it hard to proof read their own work. They may fail to spot their mistakes, and their confidence may dip even lower. Clear instruction in handwriting can help boost their confidence and provide the skills needed to produce legible print.

Despite the availability of technology, using a pencil and notebook is better than typing. Children can jot down ideas whenever they strike and revisit them later. Writing with a pencil opens up a world of creativity that keyboards just can't match. Handwriting also can provide a sense of calm, especially when engaging in activities like coloring and doodling.  

As an occupational therapist, I love teaching handwriting. I help  children fine tune motor skills, learn tips and tricks and make their handwriting as awesome as their ideas, attending a handwriting camp can be a fantastic step toward achieving that goal.

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