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Weekly Activity

Infuse some excitement into your therapy sessions! Celebrate National Rubber Duck Day on January 13 with these complimentary resources to elevate your sessions!

Materials needed:

  • Cardstock

  • Yellow tissue paper

  • Crayons/ Markers/ Pencils

  • Yellow feathers

  • Glitter

  • Scissors

Get ready for the session by copying the "Decorate the Duck" page onto sturdy paper. Let the students get artsy – they can use colors, glitter, feathers, or even pinch and crumple tissue paper, gluing it onto the duck for a hand muscle workout. If you are targeting scissor skills, have students cut out the duck. 

For more fine motor fun, buy some rubber ducks and blue play dough. Roll out the dough to make duck ponds, Press the ducks into the dough!

Throw in some handwriting practice with the attached worksheets. Wrap up the session with a goofy duck dance. Have a blast!

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